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Mind Your Game

This is not your ordinary training.

In Mind Your Game program, we combine physical and mental training into one. Learn the skills of the game and understand how to take the SKILLS with you to SCHOOL, PROFESSIONAL WORLD, and LIFE.

Individual 1 on 1 training addresses your specific needs! Targets the area you want and need to work on to improve your mental game. Whether it's to get rid of nervousness or staying focused during the game/practice.

About Sport Psy

Sport Psy was founded by Lena E Torgerson, M.A., CMPC. Coach Lena realized that not only do athletics reap benefits, but skills learned in sports transfer to all other parts of life. Strong mental skills help athletes succeed in all parts of life.

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San Mateo, CA 94403,
Phone: 650-513-1947.

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