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1 on 1

Individual 1 on 1 training addresses your specific needs! Targets the area you want and need to work on to improve your game. Whether it's to get rid of nervousness or staying focused during the game/practice/meeting. Everything is done to meet your needs. The sessions are done in person, by phone or via social media - Skype, Google Hangouts. This service may also include observation of your game/practice/work environment.

Coach Education

Coaches, you are performing too! By incorporating sport psychology skills, it makes the coach more efficient by including all 4 essential parts of preparation for consistent performance! Every athlete is different; the more the athlete is understood and taken care of, the better they will respond to directions. It helps the athletes be prepared for the mental aspect of the game. Ultimately, this leads to better performance for the athletes, the coach and the team. Ready to build a great team ?

Parent Education

Mom's/Dad's: If you think that you are only good for driving to and from practice/game plus paying for league fee, etc. Correction, you are much more valuable than that! Your understanding of the mental aspect, your attitude, your support, and reaction all contribute to your child-athlete game. The better you support and understand the mental game, the better you will contribute to your child-athlete game. Are you ready to support and understand your athlete better?

Life Skills

You do not have to be an athlete to participate and benefit from the Life Skills Program. Life Skills program teaches you how to set goals in school, work, and life. Be confident when you take your exam, go to interviews and deal with other obstacles along the way. Ready to become more confident ?


Running a camp, make mental training a part of it and grow your program as you grow the participant. We will collaborate with your staff to put together a program that is right for your organization. Contact our program director to create a package to fit your need.

CMPC Supervison

Receive supervision to become CMPC yourself! If you are interested or considering a career in the field of sport psychology, contact Sport Psy for more information.

About Sport Psy

Sport Psy was founded by Lena E Torgerson, M.A., CMPC. Coach Lena realized that not only do athletics reap benefits, but skills learned in sports transfer to all other parts of life. Strong mental skills help athletes succeed in all parts of life.

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