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What is SPMK

SPMK is a tool that provides a visual of your performance! With SPMK, you become aware of your strengths and area for improvement. Take ownership of your actions to grow and improve.

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Benefits of SPMK

  • Active role in the process
  • Activates and promotes autonomy
  • Identify and understand strengths and areas of improvement
  • Build self-awareness
  • Create a clear focus – one step at a time
  • Opens gateway to creating meaningful goals
  • Increase intrinsic motivation
  • Monitor progress

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Difference from OKR'S

Know exactly where you stand, know the strengths and areas for improvement in a complete unit. Avoid the cascade down funnel. See the whole picture and start taking action to fill in the space.

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About Sport Psy

Sport Psy was founded by Lena E Torgerson, M.A., CMPC. Coach Lena realized that not only do athletics reap benefits, but skills learned in sports transfer to all other parts of life. Strong mental skills help athletes succeed in all parts of life.

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