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Reaching Out Asking for HELP

Asking for help? Are you kidding me? That is not an option.  It will expose my weakness.  Allow for someone to have one up on me.

What does reaching out and asking for help really do? It allows us to not re-invent the wheel.  It allows us to get something done quicker.  It allows us to grow and be able to intake something.  It allows us to change and go from dont know to know.  

Therefore, the risk is well worth the effort.  As I used to tell some of my students, there is no dump question.  Every question is a good question, as it opens lines of communication. Clarifies things.


Personally, I ask for help from lots of different people. When we come togehter, unite, we end up learning even more. Because we are putting multiple different perspectives maybe together.

Going forward, be brave and ask for help.  If someone laughs then, maybe it just means they have something they would like help with as well, and just may not know how to ask for help.

Do you know how to ask for help?

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