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Keep the fire ignited

Be passionate about what you are doing; Keeps things more exciting. 



Timing is everything

make things happen for yourself by timing. When you create, things are created for you as well!



Reaching Out Asking for HELP

Asking for help? Are you kidding me? That is not an option.  It will expose my weakness.  Allow for someone to have one up on me.

What does reaching out and asking for help really do? It allows us to not re-invent the wheel.  It allows us to get something done quicker.  It allows us to grow and be able to intake something.  It allows us to change and go from dont know to know.  

Therefore, the risk is well worth the effort.  As I used to tell some of my students, there is no dump question.  Every question is a good question, as it opens lines of communication. Clarifies things.


Personally, I ask for help from lots of different people. When we come togehter, unite, we end up learning even more. Because we are putting multiple different perspectives maybe together.

Going forward, be brave and ask for help.  If someone laughs then, maybe it just means they have something they would like hel...


Athletics performance leaps to technology and vice verse

Its important to understand the journey, the connection, and philosophy to draw the correlation.  People enter the agile world from many different fields.  In my case, Agile was entered from the world of athletics, from the world of sport psychology.

You want to win the championship, you want to build a winning software.  How, whats the similarity.  Take the next few minutes to see these dots get connected by the X's and O's.

Athletics - Team sport (for easy of comparing, athletic team to an agile team)

Team regularly occurring events 
Season - Goals to be accomplished
Practices - continues improvement, continues development
Huddles - what is important now, how will we handle it?
Scrimage - practice game
Games - check what you are capable to handle, selection of a few specific goals to be accomplished
Playoffs - step up your game 0 Comments

Being curious

Curiosity - a strong desire to know or learn something.  When has been the last time you been curios about something?

When has been the last time you were curious about something?  What did you do with the curiosity? Did it push you to explore further, discover and learn?

To know and not to do, is the same as not to know!

Does the above statement above frequently apply to you? Why not prioritize your time and give time and day to being curious? Learn something new, discover something not know before?

Here is a thought, to be curious about: what is in your control to make yourself happier? Are you truly being yourself? Or are you being shaped into a mold that you are expected to mold into? 

Sometimes, it is the questions that we seek to discover and not plain information that reaches our eyes and goes no further.  Will will your curiosity lead you to? (Share in the comments below).



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