Agile is a framework and mindset. Are you and your organization working with an open mind? We work with you to enable the shift and transformation to peak performance. Using Agile methodologies, we will transform the performance, along with few other tricks up our sleeves. We will work in a COLLABORATIVE and FUN way to reach results. Addressing the person is just as important as addressing the team!

Courses Offered

Dev Beyond Coding - learn the tricks and tips to be successful beyond developing and coding.

Team building - Let's do this with your whole team, or enable you to go back and help your team stabilize and reach performing state.

Certified Scrum Master – let us prepare you for the next exciting step in your career! Learn what it takes to be successful.


We will work with you and your team to coach and enable you to reach your peak!

What Is Required to Get Started?

An opportunity and willingness to try! We will take care of the rest.

Why Go Agile?

Scrum methodology, Kanban, Lean etc – it removes top down approach. If you hired professionals, why not treat them as such?

About Sport Psy

Sport Psy was founded by Lena E Torgerson, M.A., CMPC. Coach Lena realized that not only do athletics reap benefits, but skills learned in sports transfer to all other parts of life. Strong mental skills help athletes succeed in all parts of life.

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