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What type of services do you offer?

Sport Psy offers sport psychology service, also known as mental skills, mental toughness. The training is applicable for athletes, business professionals, coaches, musicians, parents, students. What we are saying is it's good for anyone who wants to improve their performance.

Who hires a Sport Psy Coach?

Different level of athletes, students hire Sport Psy Coaches to help them work on improving performance.

How will a Sport Psy Coach help individuals who are not elite?

An individual who is not an elite athlete, still deals with frustration, lack of focus, etc. therefore Sport Psy Coach will help and assist an individual or team at any level who is (are) trying to improve performance.

Are Sport Psy Coaches hired for specific problems?

Sport Psy Coaches are not hired just for a specific problem. A lot of the time, when there is a slump is when a Sport Psy Coach is looked for. Sport Psy Coaches are also often hired to go hand in hand with physical training.

What will a Sport Psy Coach do for me?

Sport Psy Coach will help you improve your mental game. Mental Game is at least 1/4 of any performance. Are you spending at least 1/4 of your training to work on your mental game? Please visit our home page to learn more about why use sport psychology.

What happens in a session?

During the first session, we will meet and assess your needs. After the first session, we will come up with a plan of action to help improve your mental game. ''Read more at: www.sport-psy.com''

How long is the session?

Each session is 45 minutes long.

Do you accept insurance?

At this time, Sport Psy does not accept any form of insurance. Payments are made by cash, check or PayPal.

Is Sport Psy training good for anyone?

Sport Psy training is good for anyone who wants to improve! ''Read more at: www.sport-psy.com''

What is CMPC?

CMPC stands for Certified Mental Performance Consultant. Association for Applied Sport Psychology. In order to earn CMPC, an individual must hold a masters level of education or higher in a Sport Psychology related field and have done at least 700 of supervised hours and Pass an Exam.

I travel with my team - will I still be able to work with Sport Psy Coach?

Sport Psy understands that travel is part of work - be it in business, athletics, ... We offer our service in person, by phone or through social media - Skype or Google Hangout.

I would like to donate to a scholarship fund - how can I donate?

Please contact us directly - and thank you for your willingness to help us offer scholarships to athletes and students..

What to look for in a Sport Psy Coach (Sport Psychology Consultant/Mental Skills Trainer)?

Like with any other coach - you want to connect with the coach/trainer. Feel comfortable - this doesn't mean you will be comfortable sharing everything on day one.

Can you work in collaboration with my coach?

Sport Psy coach(es) are able to work in collaboration with other coaches.

My performance is not sport related, will you work with me or my team?

Yes, Sport Psy works with individuals of various backgrounds. That includes non athletes. Business professionals - Computer Engineers, product managers, project managers, QA, and etc.

What is SportPsy Consulting

Sportpsy consulting is a consultation for sports for age of 13-20

Mind Your Game

How will a Sport Psy Coach help individuals who are not elite?

An individual who is not an elite athlete, still deals with frustration, lack of focus, etc. therefore Sport Psy Coach will help and assist an individual or team at any level who is (are) trying to improve performance.

My child has never played this sport before, will he/she feel out of place?

Sport Psy welcomes athletes of all levels. If an athlete wants to improve their performance we are happy to welcome them.

How long is a typical Mind Your Game session?

Currently, Mind Your Game sessions last one hour

What is the difference between a sport's academy and Mind Your Game?

Sport's Academy focuses primarily on training the technical and tactical side of sport. Sport Psy trains athletes in all 4-parts of sport; physical, technical, tactical, and mental. The mind rules the body; we create specific lesson plans based on training the whole athlete.

What are the qualifications for a Sport Psy Coach?

Sport Psy Coach(es) have completed postgraduate education or currently studying to complete a postgraduate degree in a Sport Psychology related field. Coaches, in addition, have experience participating and coaching sport.

How are mental skills incorporated into Mind Your Game sessions?

Sport Psy incorporates mentals skills training in the middle of Mind Your Game sessions. Sport Psy Coaches set aside specific duration of time to focus on the mental skill of the week that relates and builds off previous sessions to continue growing the athlete's mental skill toolbox.

What will my child need to bring for Mind Your Game sessions?

We recommend athletes bring a water bottle, sneakers, sunscreen, comfortable clothes easy to move in, an open mind and positive attitude.

Who do I inform if my child must miss a session?

Contact Sport Psy at least two hours before the session if your child will not be able to attend a session.

Does my child receive a discount if he/she is not able to attend all the sessions?

We do not offer any discounts if your child is unable to attend all the sessions.

What is your weather policy?

The weather policy is dependent on how severe the weather is in addition to the safety of the athletic field(s). We will contact you at least two hours prior to the session if a cancellation is necessary. If we do not call then class will go on as scheduled.

How can my child continue with this sport into the next season?

Sport Psy will have next season's dates finalized a month ahead of time. Continue to check the Sport Psy website for dates for the next season.

My child has already attended Mind Your Game before, will he/she learn anything new?

Sport Psy changes the overall objective and mental skills for each season. At times, there may be some overlap in training, however that is because we are growing. Everything we do relates and build off one another.

Do I have to stay at the sessions with my child?

The choice is yours to stay or not. Our Sport Psy Coaches have experience training young athletes and can be relied upon to do so.

Are Mind Your Game sessions co-ed?

Mind Your Game sessions are co-ed. It creates an environment that fosters the belief of equality teamwork at a young age.

What happens if I'm late picking up my child?

If you will be late to pick up your child, have your child provide a note to the Sport Psy Coach telling so, as well as, whom will be picking up the child.

How do I contact my child's Sport Psy Coach?

The contact information for a Sport Psy Coach is located on our website, sport-psy.com.

What are the locations for Mind Your Game classes?

Mind Your Game is located at Beresford Park, San Mateo, CA

What time should I bring my child to class?

Sport Psy Coaches will start class promptly at the designated time. You should drop your child off at least five minutes before class begins.

What is your protocol for an emergency during class?

Sport Psy Coaches are certified in CPR and have a First Kit present at every class. If the emergency is severe, the the Coach will contact the you as well as the necessary help for the emergency.

What is the maximum age for Mind Your Game?

The maximum age varies from class to class, however is listed on the Mind Your Game schedule of classes

What happens if my child is sick or injured and can't attend class? Do I get refunded?

If your child is sick or injured and can't attend class, contact your Sport Psy Coach with enough notice before class.

Are there group discounts?

At this time we do not offer any group discounts.

Will my child receive anything from class to take home?

At the start of a Mind Your Game session, the Sport Psy Coach distributes a handbook to each child. That handbook will be used during the mental skills portion of class. At the end of the Mind Your Game session, your child will be able to take their handbook home with them. The Sport Psy Coaches may bring in other materials to use for class that your child may bring home other than the handbook.

Do you have late fees if we do not pay on time?

We have several payment plans if you are unable to pay on time. Contact Sport Psy so we can discuss which option works best for you, otherwise we do have late fee penalties.

Why are class 1 hour long?

We have found that hour long sessions allow children to remain engaged, have fun, and learn from class to class. We want your child to participate in a sport, learn mental skills, and then be able to use those mental skills going forward throughout life.


What is SPMK?

SPMK is an online platform that assists you in improving in an area of your choice. For example, as an athlete, coach, parent, product owner, developer, quality assurance, etc.

Will my coach know I'm using SPMK?

Unless you choose to share with your coach, your coach will not know anything about you using SPMK. The same goes for your team, sport or work, or your manager.

How much does it cost to use SPMK?

SPMK is free to individual users. Team users, please have a representative of your team contact us at info@sport-psy.com

Will SPMK help me improve if my season has already started?

Most likely SPMK will help you. It depends on how much time and effort you will allocate to SPMK, and areas you're looking to improve. We are here to support you should you need further assistance.

Can SPMK replace my physical training?

No, SPMK is not to replace your physical training - sport related. SPMK is to be used in hand with your physical, tactical and technical training.


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My question is not listed under FAQ - how can I have it answered?

Please contact us - and we will be happy to answer all of your questions!

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Sport Psy was founded by Lena E Torgerson, M.A., CMPC. Coach Lena realized that not only do athletics reap benefits, but skills learned in sports transfer to all other parts of life. Strong mental skills help athletes succeed in all parts of life.

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