Mission Statement:

We enable you to reach your peak!


Event: Coaches Talk

Where: Starbucks (17th and El Camino Real)  1701 El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA

When: Tuesday Dec 6th @ 630pm

Purpose: Establish a community for coaches who can meet to share ideas, support one another and grow over a cup of tea/coffee.

We look forward to you joining us.  RSVP by emailing us info@sport-psy.com


Why use Sport Psychology?


Experiencing inconsistent performance, getting frustrated, not reaching goals?  These are a handful of examples of where Sport Psychology Training becomes important.


The game is anywhere from 50 to 90% mental and the remaining is physical.  It is the mind that frequently separates a winner from a loser. Using sport psychology will allow you to reach your peak performance by taking control of yourself. This can be the biggest obstacle a team or individual may overcome. To finish your game match and be able to say I did my best instead of I could've ... I should've...

Sport Psychology falls into 1 of the 4 essential parts of every “game”. The 4 parts are: physical, technical, tactical, and mental skills.

Physical – having the ability to physically execute the skill. Running a marathon, playing a full 90+ minutes of soccer, boxing 12 rounds. Technical – having the right technique. Proper swing when batting, knowing when to use forehand versus backhand in Tennis.
Tactical – having a game plan; what is your game plan to win the game. Will you keep your guard up, will you take chances and step up on offense? Mental Skills – being calm, relaxed, in control and present. Believing in yourself and focusing on the positive that you want to happen.


You must take control of yourself before you can control your performance - flex your mind: train your body through your mind!  Get prepared, reach your peak and get consistent with your performance.